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Hi, I’m Rebecca Martinez, a professional Georgia photographer who specializes in working with people who want quality photography to capture a chapter in their lives, a friendly companion in the creative process, and someone who can make them feel confident, relaxed, and naturally dazzling in every single shot.

I am inspired daily by all modes of art, and I am passionate about applying my eye for the aesthetic to your moments.

I love making people smile because nothing is more beautiful than true happiness.

I believe in relationships. I believe in supporting you in your milestone moments in any way that I can to ensure that your experience is easy and enjoyable.

hello. I'm rebecca.


You want each remarkable memory preserved just as beautifully as you remember it. When you behold each photograph you want a reflection of what you hold in your heart. You don’t want forced frigidity emerging from awkward poses. After all, you want to share such cherished moments...authentically. Your parents, your children, your grandchildren, will witness with awe what you created.

And while you could choose any of many masterly Georgia photographers, the truth is, you want more than skill and experience alone. You want someone who can illuminate your beauty while putting your mind at ease. That’s where I ride in (on my white horse, of course).

I believe the marriage is greater than the wedding day

your legacy through a lens